Sunday, November 9, 2008

Picture of the day: The world's remotest school

Admit it, we've all heard it. You've probably said it yourself many time before. The old saying; "When I was your age I had to walk to school everyday - up hill - both ways - in the snow!"

Well, I can assure that none of us has anything on the children of Gulu village in the Sichuan Province of China. To reach their school, elemantary school children are forced to walk a path that is only 1 foot, 4 inches wide at the narrowest point, with sheer drop-offs on the side.

Villagers say going to school is very dangerous for the children, and the narrow, zigzagging path also makes the children feel dizzy, they say.

The school has five concrete buildings and a playground with a basketball hoop made of two wooden poles and a broken blackboard.

However, the children are allowed to only pat the balls, as if they throw them and they go over the edge of the cliff, it would take half a day to retrieve them.

A volunteer who has been teaching there for three months said: "The students work very hard, but they have never seen computers, cars or even flushing toilets."

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Hydrogen Research said...

Ok, so it takes me half a day to retrieve a ball I threw off the edge of the cliff. What a vista! And who cares about school anyway? No computers = no internet!