Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Severe Storm Damage Closes Road in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

The Shillalah Creek Trail, used to access the historic Hensley Settlement in Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, has been closed to all visitor use due to severe damage caused by recent heavy rains.

Deep ruts and undercutting of road edges have made the 4.6-mile-long road impassable and very unstable. Heavy water continues to run off of the mountain and down the road, eroding its surface and subsurface. Any type of visitor use – whether by pedestrians, horses, bicycles or vehicles - could result in serious injury.

Hensley Settlement tours, conducted by park staff, have been cancelled for the season. The August 12th Shooting Star Spectacular at Hensley Settlement has also been cancelled.

For more information, visitors can call the park visitor center at 606-246-1075.


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