New Trail additions: Rocky Top and Gregory Bald

Thursday, June 26, 2008 announces the launch of four additional trails today, including Gregory Bald and Rocky Top. Detailed trip information was added to the new trails as a result of our hikes last week. We were able to visit Gregory Bald right as the flame azaleas blooms were just beginning to peak and have several pictures showing the beauty and wide variety of hybrids that grow at the summit.

We also benefited from a frontal system that passed through the Smokies earlier in the week which blew most of the haze out of the area for a couple of days. We had outstanding views from the summits of Rocky Top and Thunderhead Mountain. Visibility was more than 30 miles as we could see the outskirts of Knoxville on that day.

Below are a few pictures showing some of the key highlights from these hikes. Please visit the individual Gregory Bald and Rocky Top trail pages for more pictures, detailed trail information as well as video highlights.


smoky scout said...

Terrific photos and writeups! I have posted a link from my own blog to yours and particularly to your Gregory Bald trip report. Keep up the good work. I especially like the map references.

The Smoky Mountain Hiker said...

Thanks Smoky Scout! If you haven't noticed, I have also linked your site to mine as well.

Gregory Bald was awesome. Hope you had a chance to make it up there or have been up there in the past when the azaleas were in bloom. It's one of the best hikes in the Park.

The day before that hike we did a 17 mile hike - a record distance for both me and my wife - to Russell Field, Spence Field and then up to Rocky Top and Thunderhead. Rocky Top was just spectacular.

Talk to you later....