Guide to all the Trails in the Smoky Mountains

Monday, May 10, 2010

Liz Etnier, author of the Day Hiker’s Guide To All The Trails In The Smoky Mountains, recently sent me an advanced copy of her brand new third edition of the book.

The Day Hiker’s Guide is completely unique in comparison to all the other hiking guide books for the Smokies.

If you’re planning to conquer all 800+ miles in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and thus become a member of the Smoky Mountains “900” miler club, this book is an essential resource. If you’ve ever looked closely at a map of the Smokies you’ll notice that many of the trails are interconnected. Without a good plan of attack, a person attempting to hike every mile of trail in the Park could end up repeating hundreds of miles.

Liz has solved this problem by laying out a logical approach to hiking each of the 151 trails in the Park in just 75 day hikes, making the process as efficient as possible.

Liz, an avid hiker and a member of the Smoky Mountains “900” miler club herself, has written this guide to assist others who aspire to hike all the trails in the Great Smoky Mountains. Her approach minimizes duplication of miles hiked while ensuring that no trail segments, or spurs, are left behind. Indeed, if you follow her approach, you can hike all the maintained trails in the Smokies in a total of only 1060 miles! The day hikes contained within the book range from just a few miles to some that are over 20 miles in length.

The guide divides the Smokies into nine areas, and includes excellent color-coded maps showing the hikes for each area, as well as tables that list the trail sequence and total mileages for each hike. Included as well are a list of available car or boat shuttle services for the more remote hikes, a handy checklist of all trails, and over 30 color photographs of the Smoky Mountains, wildflowers, and historic structures in the Park.

The book comes spiral-bound with heavy glossy paper, making the book a durable and handy companion on all your hikes.

For more information, and to purchase the book, please visit Liz’s website by clicking here.

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smoky scout said...

This book was the catalyst for my Smokies 900 quest in 2008-2009. While I couldn't always follow every hike route exactly because of time or hiking partner variables, this blueprint made it very manageable and fun. I hiked the entire park in 1075 miles.

Susan Tidwell said...

Looks like a great book, thanks for the recommendation!

A question about your sidebar - I was looking into the Amazon Associates, which Amazon widget is that one at the top of your sidebar?

Love your blog, lots of good info about the Smokies!

The Smoky Mountain Hiker said...

Susan - glad you like the blog - thank you!!

I assume you're referring to the "50 Amazing Things" book AD in the top right corner. That is not a widget but simply what Amazon calls a "Product Link". Just go to your affiliate home page and click on the "Links and Banners" tab, and then search for the product you want to advertise.