Bringing Them Back to the Smokies: Elk, Otters, Falcons and Wolves

Monday, August 15, 2011

Next month the Smoky Mountain Field School will be offering a program where visitors can learn about the successes and failures of several wildlife restoration programs in the Smokies.

You'll have the opportunity to learn about the challenges of wildlife restorations, the current status of the programs today, and what's next for wildlife reintroduction in the Smokies?

You'll also learn the specifics about the Smokies elk program, including radio telemetry tracking techniques to pinpoint locations or determine if the animal is alive, how elk biologists capture newborn calves, and the specifics on how elk have been managed since their release in 2000.

Be sure to bring your camera!

The program runs from Noon - 8:00 PM on Saturday, September 10, 2011, and will be instructed by former Smokies wildlife biologist, Kim DeLozier. For more information, please click here.


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