Thursday, August 20, 2009

Samantha Brown's Next Great Weekend: Smokies

For all you Samantha Brown fans out there, make sure to pull-up a couch in front of your TV this Saturday. The star of Great Weekends on the Travel Channel will be on location in the Great Smoky Mountains on this weeks episode.

According to the website:

"Samantha's tapping into her rugged side and trailblazing her way through the Smoky Mountains, exploring underground taverns and taking a night hike in the dark. This is a 'roughing it' weekend as it was meant to be."

"Underground taverns"? Were these some old, subterranean speakeasy hideouts under Gatlinburg during prohibition that they're referring to? Or did the webmaster make a spelling mistake, meaning to say "caverns" instead?

I guess we'll find out Saturday night. The shows begins at 10:00 pm, EST, with several repeats thereafter.

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Inmyopinion said...

This was the most disappointing show of this series. With a native people, their culture, foods, and summer festivities, and points of natural beauty throughout the region, Sam wastes time backpacking with her buddies. Admiring bear poop is not interesting. America has beauty natural to all parts of this nation. Highlight those points of interest; be touristy. Sam, your have a travel show.

Anonymous said...

A waste of much to be experience in the Smokies and so little covered. By the way, we loved your European segements that included where you stayed. In fact where you stayed directly affected where we stayed....your formula for a great, informative show wasn't broken so please don't try to fix it.