Saturday, January 21, 2012

Driving Through Time on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Last week UNC Libraries announced the launch of a new website as part of the Documenting the American South project, which makes historical content digital and interactive.

"Driving Through Time" features roughly 2700 photographs and 76 interactive maps of the Blue Ridge Parkway. The website allows students, researchers, and digital tourists to uncover hidden stories, hear forgotten voices, and understand the often wrenching choices that the construction and preservation of a scenic parkway in a populated region have necessarily entailed.

In addition to the photographs and maps, you can also find letters, essays, postcards, documents and other materials about the Parkway from the University of North Carolina Library’s North Carolina Collection.

To the extent possible, each item in the collection has been assigned a geographic coordinate, linking the historical document to the Parkway location to which it pertains. This allows many of the collection’s items to be found via the geo-browse function that identifies clusters of items relating to specific locations.

You can view the collection by clicking here.


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