Monday, July 16, 2012

Abrams Creek Campground Reopens / Trail Status Update

After being closed for more than a week the Abrams Creek Campground reopened over the weekend. The campground, along with several roads and trails, were closed as a result of a devastating windstorm that blew through the western portion of the park on July 5th. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park also published a trail status update yesterday morning. Here are the latest closings and warnings:

The following trails have been closed to all use:

• Ace Gap Trail
• Beard Cane Trail and Campsites #3 and #11 (damaged by tornado in 2011)
• Chestnut Top Trail
• Cooper Road Trail and Campsite #1
• Goshen Prong Trail
• Hatcher Mountain Trail (damaged by tornado in 2011)
• Rabbit Creek Trail and Campsite #15
• Scott Mountain Trail and Campsite #6
• West Prong Trail and Campsite # 18

The following trails have numerous areas that are impassible to stock and are closed to horse riding, but open to hikers:

• Gold Mine Trail
• Miry Ridge Trail
• Springhouse Branch Trail

Hikers have reported that the following trails have significant damage. Park staff have not been able to assess these trails yet, so these reports are unconfirmed. However hikers are advised to avoid these trails until they can be assessed:

• Twentymile Loop Trail
• Twentymile Trail
• Wolf Ridge Trail
• Deep Creek Trail above campsite #60
• Eagle Creek Trail from campsite #90 to Spence
• Jonas Creek Trail
• Welch Ridge Trail
• Bear Creek Trail
Laurel Falls (above the falls)
• Cove Mountain Trail
• Goshen Prong Trail
• Hazel Creek Trail
• Appalachian Trail south of Mollies Ridge
• Ramsey Cascades Trail
• Little Greenbrier Trail
• Long Hungry Ridge Trail

The following roads are closed and may affect access to trailheads:

• Parson Branch Road
• Tremont Road past the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont

You can check in with the latest updates on trail closures by clicking here.

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