Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Iceline Trail

Our Canadian Rockies series continues with our hike along the Iceline Trail:

Hikers will have a couple of options with this hiking destination. You can do a 12-mile loop, which most people choose do in counter-clockwise direction. This option initially leads hikers through the scenic Yoho Valley. We chose to do the 9-mile out and back track, which took us to the highest point on the trail. This option proceeds in a clockwise direction, if you were to make this a loop hike. Each version of these hikes begins from the trailhead near Takakkaw Falls.

Our hike began with a climb through a large avalanche path. It offered birds-eye views of Daly Glacier and Takakkaw Falls for several miles along the route. Takakkaw means “it is magnificent” in the Cree language. At 833 feet (254m), it’s one of the highest waterfalls in Canada. The waterfall is fed by Daly Glacier, which is fed by the Waputik Icefield above it.

After ascending the avalanche path the trail begins crossing over the broken terrain of ancient glacial moraines. From this point forward you’ll enjoy epic alpine scenery, including outstanding views of Emerald Glacier, several small tarns, as well as the surrounding mountains within Yoho National Park:

Trail: Iceline Trail
RT Distance: 9 Miles (12.9km)
Elevation Gain: 2297 feet (690m)
TH Location: Yoho National Park, near Field, BC
Map: Yoho and Banff North Trails Illustrated Map

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