Park Visitors Allow Bear to Break into Car

Friday, July 18, 2008

Below is a Youtube video showing a black bear breaking into a car at the Clingmans Dome parking lot in the Smoky Mountains. The amazing thing about this video is that there are a couple dozen people that stood around and watched the bear break the window of the car, jump in, and then take the owner’s food.

In my view, these people were totally irresponsible. Why didn’t they chase the bear off and call the Park Service? Not only was this car damaged, but that bear probably caused more trouble for other cars, campers or, possibly even acted aggressively towards some hikers. It would not surprise me if that bear had to be destroyed because it was, or became, a problem bear.

No doubt the car owner made a huge mistake by keeping food in a car with its windows partially open. However, those people that stood around and watched the bear taught it not to fear humans. There in lies the problem.


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Anonymous said...

I am blown aways that people stood so close to the bear to watch. That wasn't very responsible either. I do have to say that I don 't know what they could have done to make the bear leave without putting them selves in damger. They should have gotten the heck out of there. We were just in the Smokies and saw several bear and were told not to get out of the car. They are no joke!