Vintage Footage of CCC in the Smoky Mountains

Saturday, September 13, 2008

In light of the 75th Anniversary celebration of the Civilian Conservation Corps that will be occurring in the Smoky Mountains later this month, I thought I would share an interesting video I recently ran into.

The film was produced by the U.S. Department of Interior back in 1936 and appears to be a newsreel type production, popular during that time period.

The 10 minute film focuses on the CCC in the Smoky Mountains. In addition to scenic shots highlighting the natural beauty of the Smokies, the film shows CCC corp men building the Newfound Gap Road and a couple of trail bridges. The film also takes an interesting look at the CCC camps. The young men obviously had a sense of humor. Using makeshift signs, they gave names to their bunkhouses, such as the Ritz Carlton or the Astor Hotel.

As I mentioned in a post from a couple of days ago, there are a handful of park ranger lead hikes in conjunction with the celebration. This is great opportunity to explore the role and the legacy of the CCC in the Smoky Mountains.

I wasn't able to embed the video into this post, but you can click here to view it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting Jeff, that was very interesting. When I was in college we had a visiting professor who had been a CCC enrollee. He was fascinating to talk to.


JDA said...

Hi Jeff

Interesting that the CCC help create most of the municipal, state and federal public lands into a legacy that we all enjoy today. I am headed to Washington to head a grassroots effort to get Ted Kennedy and Orin Hatch to reactivate the CCC rather than pump money into Americorps. Please look up on the petition site or google - National Petition to Reactivate the US Civilain Conservation Corps...Seems we have to take two steps back to 1933 into the 20th Century for our banking problems too. JDA, St Petersburg, FL.