Awol on the Appalachian Trail

Saturday, October 4, 2008

AWOL on the Appalachian Trail is the highly aclaimed book about David Miller's adventures on the Appalachian Trail. Out of 51 reviews the book has received on, 45 of those were 5 star-reviews.

The author states that he didn't write AWOL on the Appalachian Trail because he is an expert on backpacking. Nor is AWOL a "how-to" book. Rather, he explains, it's attitude that moves hikers from Georgia to Maine. The book is more concerned with the vivid scenery and the authors social interactions with the people he meets along the way. Miller takes the time to explore topics such as facing challenges, staying motivated and finding fulfillment.

Here's a summary of the book from the back cover:

In 2003 David Miller, a 41 year-old engineer, quit his job to backpack 2172 miles from Georgia to Maine. His story is told here in Awol on the Appalachian Trail, an outstanding contemporary account of hiking on the A.T. It provides a vivid description of the Appalachian Mountains, the small towns threaded together by the trail, and people met along the way. Abundant photographs complement the book's exacting prose. This book puts the reader into the shoes of the long distance hiker, and draws parallels between lessons learned on the trail and challenges of everyday experience. It is entertaining and funny, insightful and informative. It is about liberation, motivation and perseverance. This book is for anyone who has ever wanted to break free from routine, anyone with a desire for adventure.

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