Red Cross offering wilderness first aid training

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The American Red Cross is offering Wilderness First Aid training for those who work, live or play in remote areas where usual EMS service is not immediately available.

The training will cover assessment and urgent first aid techniques, treatment of wounds, head and spinal injuries, extremity injuries, types of delayed help situations, and more.

The two-day class will be from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on August 20 and 21, meeting the first day at the Asheville-Mountain Area Chapter, 100 Edgewood Road in North Asheville. Cost is $90. Reservations are required.

For more information or to register, call 258-3888, Ext. 207 or visit



Bernard (ben) Tremblay said...
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Bernard (ben) Tremblay said...

*sorry, I deleted my first try ... pasted the wrong URL*

Great idea ... I'd love to see Red Cross do the same in the area of WillMore Wilderness and the rest of the Rockies.

But I just spidered and found no mention of the program!

Anonymous said...

First Response Training is the leading provider for emergency first aid and health and safety training in the UK. First Response now offers over 50 different courses to an average of 1000 students per week.