Can you survive in the wilderness in the winter?

Friday, December 11, 2009

I'm sure most you would never really want to actually find out, but you could test yourself - virtually - by playing the Discovery Channel's "Life or Death Game".

The scenario is that you are on a guided extreme winter hike to a luxury cabin. You awake after the first night to find that the guide has left - with all the food - and you're still two days away from the cabin. Can you survive?

Warning: the game can be quite annoying because everytime you miss the right answer, you're forced to start over again. Fortunately there's only a handful of questions. All in all though, it's a pretty good exercise because there are a couple of questions with counter-intuitive answers, forcing you to think outside of the box, which is something that would come in handy in a real survival situation.

The site also has other scenarios including being lost at sea and being stranded in the jungle.

Click here to play.

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