Sinks Parking Area reopening delayed until Saturday

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Originally scheduled for yesterday, the reopening of the Sinks Parking Area in the Great Smoky Mountains has been delayed until Saturday.

The Sinks is a popular roadside waterfall located on Little River Road between Metcalf Bottoms Picnic Area and the Townsend Wye. The small, narrow parking area at the waterfall is difficult to maneuver vehicles in, leading to traffic congestion and confusion.

The improvement project will consist of the removal and the replacement of the existing Sinks parking area. The construction of the proposed 7,400 square foot new parking area will include the installation of 21 paved parking stalls, the construction of approximately 500 feet stone masonry retaining walls, approximately 150 feet new 3-foot wide walkways, 230 feet new 8-foot wide walkways, a new overlook area with a masonry wall and handrail, 350 feet new stone curbing and the installation of a subsurface drainage system including inlet structures and pipe culverts. Miscellaneous work associated with this project will include the installation of new signs, the application of traffic markings, and turf establishment.

Once reopen, hikers will again have access to the Meigs Creek Trailhead.

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