Friday, July 23, 2010

Beer Stories

Want to go to the next tailgating party in style? How about a little team building with your co-workers?

Check out the PedalPub out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Yes, this is real!

The PedalPub carries up to 16 passengers, plus the driver. There are 5 pedaling seats on each side, plus one non-pedaling seat over the rear wheels. There's also a bench in the back of the PedalPub that seats three, plus one standee spot in the middle for the "bartender".

Although "cyclists" will be consuming lots of energy providing carbohydrates on this ride, there's no chance you'll be passing Lance Armstrong along the way. The maximum speed for the "bike" is only 5 MPH.

A change in Minnesota State Law in 2008 allows passengers aboard the PedalPub to consume alcohol while riding the bike.

Pedalpub also practices responsible driving. An employee of the company is the designated driver for all rentals.


The End of History:

The worlds most expensive beer? Perhaps. The highest alcohol content (55% ABV) for a beer in the world? Likely. Most unique, bizarre and controversial presentation of a beer? Definitely!

Brewdog Brewery out of Scotland has been selling an extreme beer known as The End of History. The name comes from the famous work of philosopher Francis Fukuyama who defined history as the evolution of the political system and traced this through the ages until we got the Western Democratic paradigm. For Fukuyama this was the end point of man’s political evolution and consequently the end of history. Brewdog claims this beer is the last high ABV beer they're going to brew, the end point of their research into how far they can push the boundaries of extreme brewing; the end of beer.

As you can see in the photo on the right, the beer is sold with a bottle wrapped in the carcass of a small rodent.

Although they're currently sold out, the price tag for for U.S.-based buyers after currency conversion, tax and shipping, comes out to $800 to $1,100 per bottle!

As Brewdog states on their homepage, they are a beacon of non-conformity in a increasingly monotone corporate desert. Amen to that!


Now this next one almost put a lump in my throat.

I seldom pass along inspirational stuff, but this one really got to me. I do believe, that in these difficult and mean-spirited times in which we live, there needs to be a message of hope. We can all use a single image that speaks to us of love, harmony, peace, and joy.

An image that suggests the universality of us all. I have been sent that image, and I want to share it with You.

All I ask is that you take a moment to reflect upon it:


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