Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update on the Appalachian Clubhouse at Elkmont

The latest issue of the Cub Report from the Great Smoky Mountains Association is reporting that the Park's historical carpentry crew has completed rehabilitation of the Appalachian Clubhouse at Elkmont.

The current plan is to allow visits to the exterior of the building and make the interior available for use by groups with a reservation and a rental fee.

According to Wikipedia, an affluent group of Knoxville hunting and fishing enthusiasts formed the Appalachian Club in 1910, and purchased what is now "Daisy Town," south of the confluence of Little River and Jakes Creek. They built the Appalachian Clubhouse for use as a lodge. The original structure burned down in 1932, and was replaced by the current structure in 1934.

For more information on the Elkmont Historic District rehabilitation project, please click here.


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