Sunday, July 3, 2011

Public comments sought for Oil & Gas Mgmt Plan for Big South Fork

The National Park Service has developed a Draft Non-federal Oil and Gas Management Plan (Plan) and Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area and Obed Wild and Scenic River. The purpose of the Plan/DEIS is to analyze alternative approaches, clearly define a strategy, and provide guidance to ensure that activities undertaken by owners and operators of private oil and gas rights, as well as activities undertaken by the NPS, are conducted in a manner that protects resources, visitor use and experience, and human health and safety at both parks. The Plan/DEIS describes and analyzes the potential impacts of three alternatives. Upon conclusion of the decision making process, one of the alternatives will become the Non-federal Oil and Gas Management Plan for both parks and will guide oil and gas management for a period of 15 to 20 years.

The document is currently available for review and public comment until August 16, 2011. Comments will help to provide essential input for the final Plan and EIS. Public participation is vital to the planning process. CDs or hard copies of the Plan/DEIS may be requested by mail or phone by contacting:

Big South Fork NRRA
4564 Leatherwood Rd.
Oneida, Tennessee 37841

Phone: (423) 569-9778

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