Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blue Ridge Parkway to Step-Up Radio Telemetry Enforcement

Earlier this week Blue Ridge Parkway officials announced that they will be increasing enforcement efforts against the illegal use of radio tracking equipment. The only legitimate use of radio telemetry on the Blue Ridge Parkway is to assist hunters in retrieving dogs that are no longer actively engaged in a hunt. Using telemetry or other tracking devices to track dogs that are actively hunting, or to monitor the progress of a hunt, is considered a hunting activity and prohibited on Blue Ridge Parkway lands.

Blue Ridge Parkway regulations state:

The open display and/or use of radio telemetry equipment or similar electronic tracking devices¸ e.g. that commonly is used to track wildlife and hunting dogs, is prohibited in the park without the prior permission of the Blue Ridge Parkway Communications Center (828-298-2491 or 1-800- PARKWATCH) and may only be used to expedite the retrieval of a dog that is believed to be running loose in the park.

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