Saturday, February 23, 2013

Long-time Smokies Volunteer Wins Hartzog Award

This past Thursday night seven Park Rangers and Volunteers were honored in Washington, DC for their outstanding service to the National Park Service. The seven received the 2012 Harry Yount National Park Ranger Award and the Hartzog Awards for Outstanding Volunteer Service.

The National Park Service and the National Park Foundation presented Ranger Brandon Torres from the Grand Canyon with the 2012 Harry Yount National Park Ranger Award for excellence in the art of rangering. Named after the first known park ranger, the award is the agency’s most prestigious ranger honor.

Among the six volunteers receiving Hartzog Awards was Robin Goddard from Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Goddard, who received the Hartzog Enduring Volunteer Service Award, was recognized as an excellent interpreter, teacher, storyteller, and trainer that has provided more than 12,000 hours of outstanding volunteer service over the last 43 years.
"Robin has developed material for curriculum-based programs, taught countless outdoor classes, assisted scientists with collecting data, developed first person historical programs, and served as a formal Great Smoky Mountains Ambassador through outreach programs in the community. Because of Robin’s passion, knowledge, and professionalism, she often represents the park by conducting special programs for dignitaries, politicians, and other special park guests. She performs these duties while also faithfully conducting her weekly interpretive program for visitors April through October, rain or shine. Through her highly attended weekly program at Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse, Robin continually engages and educates the public, young and old alike, while also creating future park advocates."
The Hartzog Awards are named for former National Park Service Director George B. Hartzog, Jr., who started the extremely successful Volunteers-In-Parks (VIP) Program in 1970.

For more information on the awards and the other recipients, please click here.

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