The Allegheny 100 Backpacking Challenge

Monday, March 25, 2013

Alright, this is your official forewarning. You better start training right now! This June the North Country Trail Association will be holding its 4th annual Allegheny 100 Backpacking Challenge: to hike 100 miles in 50 hours!

The NCTA makes clear that the "A-100" is not a race; but an individual challenge of one’s stamina, determination and resilience.

The adventure takes place on a 100-mile stretch of the North Country National Scenic Trail that meanders through the rolling hills of the Allegheny National Forest in northwest Pennsylvania.

The ultimate goal of the Allegheny 100 is to promote awareness of The North Country Trail.

Most people would probably assume that the either the Appalachian, Continental Divide, or the Pacific Crest Trail, would be the longest National Scenic Trail in the United States. That assumption would be incorrect. Stretching more than 4600 miles through seven states, from New York to North Dakota, the North Country Trail actually makes the claim to being the longest National Scenic Trail in the country.
The backpacking challenge isn't necessarily difficult in terms of climbing and descending, but 100 miles is still 100 miles.

This year's event will be held from Friday, June 7th at 6pm, through Sunday, June 9th at 8pm. The course for the challenge will extend from just south of Marienville, at Vowinckel, Pennsylvania, to a point just before reaching the New York border at Willow Bay. Outside support is not permitted - so you're on your own once you're on the trail. There are no first aid stations or watering stations along the way either (there are plenty of streams and springs). If 100 miles is bit more than you can chew off, 75, 50 and 25-mile options will also be offered.

For more information on the event, please click here.

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