Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cherokee National Forest To Implement Cuts

Officials at the Cherokee National Forest say the U.S. Forest Service, like other federal agencies, has worked to streamline the budget while making tough management choices. Current agency funding levels require local units to closely look at what can be provided based on budget constraints and resource availability for long-term sustainability.

Tellico District Ranger, Katherine Foster said, “Our road maintenance funding compared to previous years is down. In order to blade/grade as many roads as possible at least once, very little road-side mowing will be done. We are shifting priorities in ways that maximize what we can manage and accomplish with our current resources.

“We encourage folks to visit and enjoy the Cherokee National Forest. We are striving to maintain the roads in the Forest as best we can. We know roads are a vital link to places national forest visitors enjoy.”

Forest Service officials say the agency will continue to adapt to current fiscal realities, including shifting priorities in ways that maximize what they can manage with the current resources available. Those extremely tough decisions will vary based on local needs and resources.

For additional information please contact the Ocoee ranger District at 423-338-3300 or the Tellico Ranger District at 423-253-8400.



John Quillen said...

I think we can handle a reduction in roadside mowing. That seems like a reasonable mgmt decision. The CNF is a vast area and that will not close or reduce access to it by the public. I wish that the National Park Service would implement similar "common sense" reductions instead of implementing cuts so "they public can feel them" as was quoted by NPS brass prior to the last shutdown. Like all businesses you must prioritize to remain in line with your mission.

The Smoky Mountain Hiker said...

"Common sense"? In the fed gov't? Surely you can't be serious... :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I must have been daydreaming Smoky Mtn Hiker!