Camper Attacked by Dogs Needs Help

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Today I received an email from a reader asking for help with regards to her being attacked by a group of hunting dogs while camping in the Snowbird Wilderness area earlier this week. Her fear is that these dogs may still be loose in the area, and could pose a danger to families and pets who may be recreating in the greater Smoky Mountains area. Here's her story:
On Monday, October 13, 2014 Kadie Anderson was camping with her two dogs in the Snowbird Wilderness area in Graham County North Carolina. She was breaking her camp and preparing to head home when a group of six hunting hounds ran into the camp site and began to attack her and her two dogs. Kadie was taken by surprise and was unable to get to her pepper spray and instead was forced to fend the hounds off with sticks and a tent stake. She fought the dogs off for 45 minutes, sustaining multiple bite wounds to her hands and legs. One of Kadie’s dogs was nearly killed in the attack and the other remains in guarded condition as she recovers from a serious abdominal injury. When the hounds men arrived, they had difficulty calling off their dogs. Kadie finished packing up her camp with a great deal of difficulty (her hands were badly shredded) and requested that the hunters hold their hounds until she and her dogs were safely back in her car. They did not; the dogs were released again before Kadie was able to safely leave the site. Despite the seriousness of the injuries and the fact that Kadie was alone, none of the hounds men offered further assistance; not even to help her get back into town safely.

We are requesting anybody with any information about these men to contact the Graham County Sheriff’s Department before these dogs hurt somebody else.

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Anonymous said...

Responsible pet owners need to be heard ..double standards ..hunters get away with what we do not....dogs that attack others...irresponsible use of fire arms and bows. ...the ranger in charge