Farewell Post

Thursday, February 25, 2021

With great sadness, I am announcing that this will be my last post on this blog. Yesterday I finalized the sale of this blog and my website, HikingintheSmokys.com, to the owners of SmokyMountains.com. The good news for hiking enthusiasts is that SmokyMountains.com plans to continue operating this blog and HikingintheSmokys.com. Moreover, they will be making additional investments in design, video, and images to ensure a positive user experience for years to come!

Ever since launching HikingintheSmokys.com in 2008, I have fully enjoyed my pursuit of making the site the most comprehensive resource for trail information in the Great Smoky Mountains. The website gave me an opportunity to explore corners of the park that I otherwise probably would've ignored. In the process, I discovered many hikes that are just as scenic and enjoyable as Charlies Bunion or Alum Cave. Hopefully I've helped some of you discover new trails as well.

Having said all that, I want to thank you one last time for all your support over the years. Maybe we'll see you on the trail someday!


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