Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Colorado Hiking Trip Pictures

Okay, I know this post has nothing to do with the Great Smoky Mountains, but it's still hiking related. I thought I would share a few photos from a couple of hikes we did on our recent trip to Colorado. While in the Rocky Mountain State we hiked Huron Peak, Gilpin Lake, the Devil's Causeway and Rabbit Ears Peak.

Gilpin Lake in the Mount Zirkel Wilderness Area.

An aspen grove.

The Devil's Causeway in the Flat Tops Wilderness Area. This is a land bridge at an altitude of roughly 11,800 feet. The bridge is roughly 100 feet long and narrows to just 6 feet in width. On either side of the bridge are 1000 foot drop-offs! Unfortunately (or fortunately), I didn't get a chance to walk all the way across. Just seconds after shooting this picture it began to rain and we were forced to turn around. We had to hightail it down the mountain after we began hearing thunder.

Columbine on the trail to Rabbit Ears Peak (just outside of Steamboat Springs).

A marmot hamming-it-up for the camera.

From the summit of 14,003-foot Huron Peak in the Wasatch Range.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics-really take me back to my time in the Rockies, though that was mostly in the Weminuche Wilderness and around Rocky Mountain National Park.

Robert J Miller said...

Awesome hikes and pictures. I am now inspired to do these hikes myself. I am a blog writer too chronicling hiking, biking, and camping in Colorado. If you have kids or pets check out child carrier backpacks and/or outdoor pet gear.