Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jennifer Davis Smashes Appalachian Trail Record

As reported in a previous blog of mine, 25-year-old Jennifer Pharr Davis was close to smashing the women’s speed record on the Appalachian Trail.

Confirmation of the new record was reported today on BlueRidgeNow.com.

Davis completed the entire length of the Appalachian Trail when she sprinted across the finish line at Springer Mountain on Saturday afternoon. It took her just 58 days to complete the 2176-mile trail. The previous women’s record was 87 days, set by Jenny Jardine in 1993, which was an unsupported hike. Davis received support from her husband along the way.

Davis wrapped up the record in style. She hiked 300 miles during the final week of her journey, including a whopping 64.8 mile trek on her second to last day on the trail! “It’s the longest-known day of any of the record holders,” she was quoted as saying in the article.

Davis also said that “there are only four men that have hiked it faster” than her now. She may have to bump that number up to five soon if Karl Meltzer has any say so. On August 5, Meltzer set-off to break the overall fastest record of 47 days.

Completing the Appalachian Trail is a major feat in and of itself, but doing it the way Ms. Davis did is truly remarkable.



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Anonymous said...

Is there a web site that describes her hike?

Tom from Coral Gables