Monday, July 20, 2009

Are national parks no longer for the people?

Kurt Repanshek over at the National Parks Traveler published a thoughtful article yesterday asking a couple of provoking questions: Are national parks no longer for the people? Have environmental groups succeeded in legally creating roadblocks to prevent their enjoyment?

Mr. Repanshek posed these questions to his readers after reading a response to a New York Times column. The gentleman responding to the NY Times article basically concluded that; "Our parks are becoming museums, roped off expanses with 'Don't touch' or 'People stay out' signs all over them"

You can read Kurt's full blog posting by clicking here.


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SouthernHiker said...

That's a very interesting outlook. I believe SOME of our parks are becoming that way. When in Yellowstone this summer, I said to my wife several times that I didn't really feel like I was experiencing it in the same way as the Smokies because of all the signs prohibiting movement everywhere. I think this is a great point. There needs to be some middle ground between over the top conservation and enjoyment.

The Smoky Mountain Hiker said...

SouthernHiker - I concur!