Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Smoky Mountains Trivia Quiz: Level 2

About a week and a half ago I published a Smoky Mountains Trivia Quiz. A regular reader of this blog, The Juggler, was kind enough to post a link on the Knox News GoSmokies site. Several readers commented that they enjoyed taking the quiz, but most said that it was too easy.

I took that as a challenge!

So, I created a brand new quiz. I think you’ll find this one to be a little, or even much more challenging - depending on your Smokies knowledge. You can find the answers below. Let me know how you guys did.

Without further adieu:

1) Which trail was named as the 9th most dangerous trail in America by Backpacker Magazine?
a) Alum Cave Trail to Mt. LeConte
b) Abrams Falls
c) Ramsay Cascades Trail

2) Roughly how many couples get married each year in the Smokies?
a) 100
b) 250
c) 350

3) What was the single largest gift of property from a private donor in Great Smoky Mountains history?
a) Purchase Knob
b) The Caldwell Family Farm
c) The Yellow Face Tract from the Cherokee Indian Reservation

4) Which animal was not reintroduced to the park?
a) coyote
b) otter
c) red wolf

5) Who was the first park naturalist?
a) Starker Leopold
b) J. Ross Eakin
c) Arthur Stupka

6) What is the location of the only Fire Watcher’s cabin still standing today?
a) Shuckstack
b) High Rocks on Welch Ridge
c) Spruce Mountain

7) In 1963 the woolly adelgid first appeared in the Smokies. Where was it first detected?
a) Mt. Guyot
b) Mt. Sterling
c) Greenbrier Pinnacle

8) Known as the “Horseshoe”, what is the location of the place known for excellent fly-fishing, as well as getting hikers lost?
a) Deep Creek
b) Big Creek
c) Abrams Creek

9) What year was the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club established?
a) 1924
b) 1934
c) 1940

10) What company got its start out of Alum Cave in 1838?
a) Epsom Salts Company
b) Reynolds Aluminum Company
c) Alcoa

11) What is considered to be the peak forest fire season in the Smokies?
a) July - Sept
b) Feb - Apr
c) Aug - Oct

12) What year was the first time annual visitation exceeded 1 million?
a) 1941
b) 1947
c) 1952

13) How did Elkmont get its name?
a) The large elk herd that roamed this region before the logging companies
b) Early settlers who emigrated from Elk Mountain, PA
c) The Knoxville Elks Club

14) Who built the cabin atop Mt. LeConte in 1925 which became the LeConte Lodge?
a) Paul Fink
b) Jack Huff
c) Paul Adams

15) The very first hike of the Smoky Mountains Hiking Club, led by Dutch Roth, went to?
a) Rocky Top
b) Mt. LeConte
c) Gregory Bald


1) b) Abrams Falls - The magazine ranked this trail as the 9th most dangerous trail in the country as a result of high exposure to drowning and hypothermia hazards. The article cited 29 deaths on the trail since 1971 as a result of water related accidents.

2) c) 350

3) a) Purchase Knob – Many people think this piece of land was purchased - due to the name, but was actually given as a gift by Kathryn McNeil and Voit Gilmore in 2000

4) a) coyote

5) c) Arthur Stupka

6) b) High Rocks on Welch Ridge

7) b) Mt. Sterling

8) c) Abrams Creek – about half-way between Abrams Falls and the trailhead

9) a) 1924

10) a) Epsom Salts Company

11) b) Feb - Apr

12) a) 1941

13) c) The Knoxville Elks Club

14) c) Paul Adams – Jack Huff took over operations the following year

15) b) Mt. LeConte


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