Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Many Views of Mt. LeConte

Although it's not the highest mountain, Mt. LeConte is arguably the most prominent peak in Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

At 6593 feet, Mt. LeConte ranks as the third highest peak in the Smokies. However, measured from its immediate base near Gatlinburg, to its summit at High Point, Mt. LeConte can be considered the tallest mountain in the Eastern United States - rising a total of 5301 feet.

Although you can get a decent view of Myrtle Point along the eastern flank of the mountain from the Alum Cave Trail.... can find much better views of the mountain from many other locations around the park, including the Curry Mountain Trail:

Or on the lower portions of the Sugarland Mountain Trail:

Near the summit of Brushy Mountain:

Along the Appalachian Trail as you head towards Charlies Bunion:

Or even on the Cove Mountain Trail above Laurel Falls:

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Tami said...

Great post, Jeff! I had the sight of LeConte from the top of Brushy Mountain just this past Saturday. It was breathtaking!