Thursday, April 4, 2013

Forest Service proposes fee increase for Koomer Ridge Campground

U.S. Forest Service recreation managers are proposing a fee increase at the Koomer Ridge Campground in the Red River Gorge. The current camping fee was implemented in year 2000.

The winter camping fee would increase from $7 to $10 in November 2013. The fee would increase to $14 in November 2015.

The fee increase is proposed to help fund campground maintenance and improvements. Some recent improvements at Koomer Ridge include a year-round water system, new signage, amphitheater restoration and campsite renovations.

The fee change proposal will be presented to a citizen advisory committee for review. The committee members represent various recreational interests. Their primary functions are to ensure reasonable fee changes and address public concerns.

Anyone can attend and comment at the committee meetings. The next meeting time and location will be announced soon.

In 2004, the U.S. Congress passed the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act, which allows the Forest Service to keep 95 percent of recreation fees collected and use these funds to operate, maintain and improve the sites.

For more information, or to provide comments, contact Recreation Manager Lee Breth with the Cumberland Ranger District at 606-784-6428.

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Anonymous said...

They should call it the Fee Service. Fee, fee, fee. I hope people stand up and let their voices be heard.