Thursday, October 10, 2013

Local Calls for Protest of Smoky Mountains Shutdown

"We may not be allowed into the Parks, but that DOES NOT make it right. Those lands are ours, and if the best we can do is spread awareness of how devastating this shutdown is on local families, then so be it! Let's bring this story to the Nations attention."
That quote is from Jeremiah Spelas, an artist who lives in Gatlinburg. Over the last few days he has been organizing a protest of the closure of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which will take place this Saturday morning at the entrance to the park near Gatlinburg.

The focus of the protest is to express discontent about the closure and raise awareness about the businesses and residents affected by it. Here is a copy of the flyer he's been passing around:

Hiking in the Smokies

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Anonymous said...

Take that protest to D.C.