Friday, February 21, 2014

Multiple downed trees on trails in Red River Gorge

After two weeks of road closures due to ice, snow and downed trees, some Forest Service roads remain closed in the Red River Gorge. High winds from Thursday night’s storm brought down additional trees along some roadways.

The gravel roads to Indian Creek, Chimney Top and Rock Bridge will remain closed until fallen trees are cleared and road surfaces are dry enough to withstand rutting from vehicle traffic.Visitors, however, may park and walk into these areas.

The roads that are currently reopened in the gorge are Tunnel Ridge, Sky Bridge and most of Koomer Ridge Campground. Some campsites will remain closed until they are cleared of downed trees and woody debris.

National forest visitors should be aware that gravel roads and parking lots may be soft with the potential for some vehicles getting stuck or slipping in mud.

Hikers in the gorge will likely experience multiple downed trees along the trails.The trails have not yet been assessed, but most damage is expected along ridge-top trails where ice accumulated more heavily. Hikers should continue to watch for thawing and falling icicles along the cliffs.

For updated information contact the Gladie Learning Center at 606-663-8100 or visit the Daniel Boone National Forest website at


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