Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Nearly Every Wildfire in North Carolina at 100% Containment

This is a supplemental update to the fires in North Carolina. The National Forests in North Carolina announced this afternoon that all the fires in the state are at 100% containment, with the exception of the Camp Branch (at 85%) and Rock Mountain, which is at 95% containment. All fires are at various stages of mop up and suppression repair. A Burned Area Emergency Repair, BAER, team has arrived and started their assessment of repair needs and developing plans for the fire areas. Excess resources have moved to other fires in the southern region or are making their way back to their home units for much-needed rest.

The U.S. Forest Service would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the communities in Western North Carolina that were affected by the fires. Your support of the thousands of firefighters and support staff, many from across the nation, was friendly, thoughtful, caring and generous. The hospitality and kindness shown by the people in the communities, from meals at Thanksgiving, to supplies and signs on the side of the road, were touching.


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