Thursday, May 7, 2009

Official clarification of bear spray in the Smokies

A few weeks ago you may recall the raging debate in several blogs and forums concerning whether or not the use of bear spray in Great Smoky Mountains National Park was legal or not.

The law, as written, makes bear spray illegal in all national parks outside of Alaska. However, as a result of a legal instrument called the 'Superintendent's Compendium', many parks out west allow the use of bear spray. Because of this legal instrument, a great deal of confusion was created with regards to the legality of bear spray in all parks.

Just yesterday, Chris Hibbard at Your Smokies, finally received official clarification of the law in Great Smoky Mountains National Park:

There is no legal form of bear spray allowed in the Great Smoky Mountains national park and like any other weapon, trap or net, it is illegal to carry, possess or use in the Great Smoky Mountains national park.

Thanks to Chris for staying on top of this.

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