Friday, May 15, 2009

Grotto Falls and Brushy Mountain Hike Photos

This is the final in a series of three blog postings that highlight our recent hiking trip to the Great Smoky Mountains. The photographs below are from our hike to Grotto Falls and Brushy Mountain.

This day promised two major highlights for the price of one hike. The first highlight of the trail is the spectacular and unusual waterfalls located about 1.3 miles from the trailhead. What makes Grotto Falls unusual is that you can walk behind the falls. In fact, to continue beyond the falls, you have to take the trail that goes between the falls and the rock overhang. As you walk behind the falls you can hear and feel the thunderous power of the water plunging into the pool in front of you.

The final destination on this hike is Brushy Mountain. This is a relatively easy hike to a mountain summit offering spectacular views.

Grotto Falls coming into view

A closer look at Grotto Falls

The spur trail to the summit of Brushy Mountain passes through a tunnel of rhododendron.

View of Mt. LeConte near the summit of Brushy Mountain.

Painted Trillium was fairly abundant along the spur trail.

Looking at the eastern crest of the Smokies. The mountain at the far left is most likely Mt. Guyot, the second highest mountain in the park. The highest mountain towards the middle of the picture is most likely Mt. Sequoyah.

Looking towards the far eastern section of the Smokies. The tallest mountain towards the right is most likely Mt. Guyot.

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Kevin said...

Hey, are there any good camping spots around Grotto falls or on the way up there? How close is the nearest camping site from the parking lot? We will be getting in their late Friday night and I am trying to make sure we can still get into the park that late and be able to setup camp. Can you email me with answers or Facebook me?


tylerp said...

hey i hiked this...

watch my video on youtube

for real. no joke. you can fb me also
tyler parris