A Lucky Break

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Talk about being lucky!

I found this on the Wend Magazine website:

This past weekend Eric Schniter attended a conference for evolutionary social scientists in San Luis Obispo. Some in his group decided to stay at a campground near Pismo Beach to save some money and have some fun.

Here's how Eric described what happened that night:

"After a fun night by the campfire and out on the dunes and the beach I made it to sleep about 1 am. At 4:30 I heard loud cracking of tree branches somewhere a bit off in the distance. The sound woke me up and got my attention, but I assumed it was a branch falling out of a tree and I was almost ready to go back to sleep. A friend from the next tent over was outside my tent asking if I was alright. I opened the tent flap and immediately saw a large tree trunk from a fallen tree - right in my face. Then i realize that the corner of my tent was collapsed under the tree's trunk. I pulled the tent (mine is the grey one) out from under the tree before the pictures were taken, but you can see kind of where it was positioned in accordance with the tarp it was on.

I'm still shocked and feeling rather lucky. My tent is doing just fine, just a little scuffed on the rainfly."

Seriously, those guys are extremely lucky to be alive today.

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