Kayaker makes First Descent of Linville Falls

Friday, August 27, 2010

This past Tuesday, kayaker Pat Keller made the first descent ever of Linville Falls - albeit illegally.

Linville Falls in Western North Carolina is a complicated, discontinuous series of falls that drops roughly 90 feet into the Linville Gorge. The falls begin as a twin set of upper falls, then moves down a small gorge before making a final 45-foot plunge into the basin below.

Keller, 24, a professional kayaker who grew up in and around water, has been kayaking since he was seven. In 2008 he paddled a kayak down the 83-foot La Paz Falls in Costa Rica.

His foray down Linville Falls earlier this week is against park regulations, and could cost him a maximum penalty of up to $5000 and six months in jail.

Canoe & Kayak Magazine has an article on his recent feat, as well as some pretty dramatic and amazing photographs. So far, no video has emerged.


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