Wildflower / Fall Foliage Report?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tom Harrington, Park volunteer and naturalist, has recently updated his Wildflower Report on the Great Smoky Mountain Association website.

His most recent report is from a hike on the Big Creek Trail in the northeastern corner of the Smokies. Mr. Harrington is reporting sightings for the following flowers: Heal All, Yellow Touch-me-nots (Pale Jewel Weed), Purple Flowering Raspberry, Common Milkweed, Wild Golden Glow, Crimson Bee Balm, Whitewood Aster, Black Eyed Susan, Pokeweed, Mountain Mint, Wood Nettle, Love Vine, Asiatic Dayflower, and Naked-Flowered Tick Trefoil.

Last week he hiked the Chestnut Top Trail just outside of Townsend and reported the following flowers: Coreopsis, Turk Cap Lily, Reclining Saint Andrew's Cross, Whorled Wood Aster, Pokeweed, Yellow Touch-me-nots, Basil Bee Balm, and Naked-Flowered Tick Trefoil.

However, what caught my eye was his "First Fall Foliage Report." In the middle of a typical summer heat wave, Mr. Harrington stated that he saw some "nice red Sourwood leaves."

To see all of his most recent reports, please click here.


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