The Great Smoky Mountains Quiz

Sunday, August 21, 2011

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a quiz on the Great Smoky Mountains, so I thought I'd lay down the gauntlet to see how much you really know about the greatest national park in the country. Here are 10 questions - my toughest quiz yet - to challenge your mind today. I’ll provide the answers tomorrow.

1) The number of mammals found in GSMNP is one of the most diverse in North America. One of the main reasons for this diversity of species in the Smokies is:

a. Amount of rainfall
b. Wide range of elevations
c. Temperature fluctuations
d. Amount of moving water
e. Acreage within park boundaries

2) "Tsali's Rock" is on what trail on the North Carolina side of the GSMNP:

a. Deep Creek
b. Sunkota Ridge
c. Thomas Divide
d. Bone Valley
e. Noland Divide

3) How many grist mills remain in GSMNP today:

a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5
e. 6

4) What are the two mammals in the Smokies listed as federally endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species Act of 1973:

a. Norway rat / Eastern fox squirrel
b. Appalachian cottontail / Star-nosed mole
c. Least shrew / Spotted skunk
d. Carolina northern flying squirrel / Indiana bat
e. Southern bog lemming / Mink

5) During the peak "timber boom" of the early 20th Century, how many miles of logging railroad were in the Smokies:

a. 50 miles
b. 75 miles
c. 100 miles
d. 150 miles
e. 200 miles

6) Roughly how many black bears are estimated to live in GSMNP:

a. 400-800 bears
b. 800-1100 bears
c. 1100-1400 bears
d. 1400-1700 bears
e. 1700-2000 bears

7) The first experimental release of elk in GSMNP came from:

a. Virginia/Kentucky border
b. Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area
c. Rocky Mountain National Park
d. Yellowstone National Park
e. Manitoba, Canada

8) The last tree logged in the Smokies was cut at the Townsend Mill of the Little River Lumber Company in:

a. 1939
b. 1943
c. 1913
d. 1926
e. 1932

9) Which company got its start out of Alum Cave in 1838:

a. Epsom Salts Company
b. Champion Fiber and Paper Company
c. Reynolds Aluminum Company
d. Alcoa
e. Little River Lumber Company

10) Which of the species below was not a successful reintroduction into the GSMNP:

a. Eastern cougar
b. Red-cockaded Woodpecker
c. River otter
d. Sonoran Desert Toad
e. Red wolf


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