Colorful Characters of the Great Smoky Mountains

Monday, November 14, 2011

Today marks the release of a brand new book from local author Bob Plott, a third-great-grandson of Johannes "George" Plott, who first brought the Plott bear hounds to America in 1750, and a great-great-nephew of Henry Plott, who introduced the breed to the Great Smoky Mountains in 1800.

Plott's new book is called Colorful Characters of the Great Smoky Mountains. Here's a summary from the back of the book:

Amid the rocky crags and misty hollows of North Carolina's Great Smoky Mountains grew a generation of hardy and fascinating characters whose lives became the stuff of legend. Discover the tale of the bold Captain Kennedy and his ragtag band of Mohican and British comrades, who became French and Indian War heroes; how Henry Von Plott became a renowned bear hunter and breeder of the world's premier hunting dog; and the story of Yonaguska, considered to be the last truly great chief of the Cherokee Nation. Join Von Plott's relative and prolific local author Bob Plott as he weaves the lively stories of these vibrant characters and their lasting legacy on the people who will always call the area home.


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