New Trail Website for Glacier National Park

Thursday, November 10, 2011

As many regular readers are already aware, my wife and I spent more than five weeks in Glacier National Park back in August and early September. Since returning I’ve posted several blogs about our hiking adventures. What I didn’t mention was the reason why we spent so much time out there.

Today we’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new hiking website:

During our time in Glacier we hiked to most of the destinations that hikers would cover in a day hike. In doing so, we logged about 250 miles. The result of all that hiking is a website that covers more than 60 hikes in Glacier. Similar to Hikinginthe, our new website provides directories that make finding a trail much easier. We include directories of trails by location within the park, trail feature, difficulty rating, and by alphabetical listing.

Along with all of the most popular hikes, such as Iceberg Lake, Grinnell Glacier, Hidden Lake Overlook and the Highline Trail, we discovered some new favorites, such as Piegan Pass, Preston Park, Gunsight Lake, Virginia Falls, Pitamakan Pass, Ptarmigan Tunnel, and the absolutely incredible Cracker Lake.

In addition to being a great source for trail information, we designed the site to be an excellent tool for vacation planning as well. We’ve included a lot of travel information that will be helpful to vacationers.

Even if you have no plans on traveling to Glacier, I hope that maybe you’ll enjoy some of the photographs on the site.

If you know of anyone planning a trip to Glacier, or any hikers in general that may be interested, please feel free to forward the website onto them.

Thanks again for all of your support, and would love to hear any feedback you might have:


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