Sunday, June 17, 2012

Rosebay Rhododendron Super Bloom

According to the latest video from the Great Smoky Mountains Association, the Great Smoky Mountains just may be experiencing a Rosebay Rhododendron "super bloom".

Rosebays are already blooming in abundance in the lower elevations, and over the next several weeks will bring out the blooms up to elevations of 5000 feet. But as the video explains, in some years, there are more blossoms than usual, and are known as a "super bloom" years. In fact, the GSMA stated on their Facebook page yesterday that the blooms might be the best in 100 years!

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To experience the Rhododendron blooms up close, check out the Cove Mountain Trail, Meigs Creek Trail, Cooper Road Trail, Little Bottoms Trail, and the lower half of Abrams Falls Trail.


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