Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wildfire Shuts Down Trails in Shenandoah National Park

As of yesterday afternoon, a 180-acre wildfire in Shenandoah National Park has shut down the following trails:

* Appalachian Trail between Elkwallow and Beahms Gap

* Jeremys Run

* Neighbor Mountain

* Knob Mountain

* Knob Mountain Cutoff.

Jeremys Run Overlook and Byrds Nest #4 shelter are also closed. The fire is currently burning on Neighbor Mountain, roughly located near the Thornton Gap Entrance.

Just north of the northern entrance, outside of Shenandoah, there is another 181-acre fire. Known as the Point 2 Wildland Fire, this fire is located on Massanutten Mountain between Veach Gap and Sherman Gap in the counties of Warren and Shenandoah. As of last night, the fire was 5% contained. A couple of trails have also been closed:

* Massanutten National Recreation Trail (#408) from Shawl Gap to Veach Gap

* Tuscarora Trail (#405.1) is closed from Shawl Gap to Panhandle Road (SR 613).

* Sherman Gap Trail (#403)

* Veach Gap Trail (#484)


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Hiking said...

This is wild. I was just doing that section of the AT a few weeks ago. I fear that if this bad weather continues, it will spell disaster for our state and national parks. Not to mention that with July 4 coming up, we're going to have more people than ever lighting stuff on fire and setting off explosives.