Saturday, May 18, 2013

Evening Black Bear Program at Big South Fork next Saturday

Next Saturday there will be a program on "How to Keep Yourself Safe and the Bears Out of Trouble" at the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area's Bandy Creek Campground. The evening program about black bears will be held at the Bandy Creek Campfire Circle on Saturday, May 25, at 7:00 p.m. (EDT).

People of all ages can learn how to keep safe in bear habitat of Big South Fork and the surrounding area and gain an understanding of how human behavior can impact bear behavior. Visitors will learn what to do if they see a black bear, how to store food at a campsite, and how to "bear-proof" private property.

The Campfire Circle can be found by entering Bandy Creek Campground and turning left toward Area A. Across the road from the swimming pool parking lot, a trail leads to the Campfire Circle.

For more information, contact the Bandy Creek Visitor Center at (423) 286-7275.


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