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Monday, December 3, 2018

The following is a guest blog from Kyndley Backpacks:

With more than 800 miles of maintained trails, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a Hiker’s Utopia. There are trails for every level of skill, from an afternoon walk to a serious camping experience in the backcountry. Hikers with different skills and abilities will easily find an ideal route to explore. Hiking is certainly not the only activity you can take part in, as the park also offers camping, cycling, fishing and horseback riding as well. And if you don't feel like hiking to the ridge of a mountain or trying to catch a big one, you can simply sit down and take-in the beautiful mountain sunsets that the park has to offer.

Some of the most popular hiking destinations in the Smokies are the beautiful waterfalls, which can be found along many streams and rivers, with a refreshing cool breeze and rewarding photo opportunities. More than 2,000 miles of streams meander throughout the Smoky Mountains, and the waterfalls they adorn range from small sparkling falls to large roaring waterfalls. One of the most photogenic is Abrams Falls. Although it's only 20 meters high, the beauty of the large volume of water and the depth of the pool compensate for its low height. Another waterfall that hikers don't want to miss is Mingo Falls. Mingo Falls is actually just outside the park, in the Cherokee Indian Reservation. At 120 feet, it's one of the highest and most beautiful waterfalls in the Southern Appalachians.

The endless panoramic views are another attraction for adventurous hikers. From the rocky cliffs overlooking valleys of colorful flowers, natural arches, century-old trees and views of the seemingly endless mountains, there are so many things to explore and enjoy when travelling in the Great Smoky Mountains.

After a hectic and active week, I was looking for an environment where I could find some peace and quiet, and since I'm not only a nature lover but also love hiking, no other place came in mind but the incredible experience I had in the Smokies the first time I visited. With its numerous outdoor activities, like biking, camping, wildlife watching, tubing and white water rafting, and most especially its majestic mountains for hiking, I couldn’t resist the temptation of another mind blowing experience. And not only were these factors the main driving force behind my reason for choosing the Great Smoky Mountains over others, but I was also impatient to use my newly purchased cooler backpack. This cooler backpack has a variety of features which makes it the ideal bag for hiking or any outdoor activities.

The Kyndley cooler backpack is designed for hiking and other outdoor activities and has 2 compartments. This allowed me to carry all I needed for my 2 days of hiking. With its 2 compartments, and it's ample space, I conveniently placed my laptop and camera at ease inside the cooler backpack. Keeping in mind I was going for 2 days, I was looking for a bag with enough space so that I could put everything I needed for my hike. With the cooler backpack, 2 compartments, and its numerous durable side pockets, I took along with me enough food and energy drink, a flashlight, and all of my personal needs to last me even longer. The interior of the backpack is covered with high density insulation material. It surprised me that even after about 16 hours the energy drinks that I had put in the cooler backpack were still very fresh. This went a long way in helping me during my two days in the Smoky Mountains; as such I had no worries for fresh drinks and warm food even for a plus day. The lightweight cooler backpack is built with a highly-resistant material, and is well-designed to facilitate hiking and make it more enjoyable. Despite all that I had stuffed in my cooler backpack, I was able to carry it throughout my trip, feeling less tired with the load well balanced. The waist and chest straps allowed me to easily adjust the pack to fit properly.

The cooler backpack is built with a polyester material which can withstand severe weather conditions when you're out in the wilderness. Its thick layer of insulated cotton helped to prevent leakage from my snacks once they started defrosting. The cooler backpack went a long way in helping me to achieve my objectives during my trip. With the load well-balanced, it felt lighter carrying it around. For more information on these amazing cooler backpacks, please visit:

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