Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Meet the Great Smoky Mountains Nordic Ski Patrol

Below is a short video from the Great Smoky Mountains Association highlighting the Nordic Ski Patrol in the Smokies.

Most people probably don't know it, but Great Smoky Mountains National Park has its own all volunteer Nordic Ski Patrol, certified through the National Ski Patrol. The patrollers are well versed in First Aid and other cold weather emergency medical services, and are able to assist in search and rescue operations.

This year there are 8 volunteer patrollers, mostly working on weekends on Clingmans Dome Road and in the Newfound Gap area. They provide information to park visitors while monitoring winter conditions and visitor use on Clingmans Dome Road. On a typical patrol day, they ski to Collins Gap, about half way to Clingmans Dome and report on snow conditions to park dispatch via park radio.

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Scott said...

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Smoky Mountain Hiker said...

Scott - thank you!

In cycling, a randonnée, a.k.a. a brevet, is an organised long-distance bicycle ride in the sport/discipline of randonneuring. The most famous randonnée is Paris-Brest-Paris.

Hey, you're not related to the famous Norwegian explorer? :)