Saturday, April 3, 2010

The GSMA is looking for suggestions

The Great Smoky Mountains Association is in the process of scheduling outdoor activities and they're looking for some input from you on what YOU would recommend for a great outdoor program. What are YOUR interests... including topics for indoor programs?

Birding, history hikes, wildflower walks, salamander forays? Have a favorite trail you'd like to visit again, but with an interpretive guide? The possibilities are endless, limited only to the imagination!

Pass on suggestions by calling Judy at 865-436-7318 ext. 222 or Marti at ext. 254 or e-mail Judy at The GSMA can't promise they'll honor your request, but they'll do their best.

You can also use the same contact information if you're interested in volunteering at GSMA or the Wildflower Pilgrimage events. There may be times when a helping hand would be a welcomed asset.

Jeff Detailed information on trails in the Smoky Mountains; includes trail descriptions, key features, pictures, video, maps, elevation profiles, news, and more.

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