Saturday, December 8, 2012

Walkabout in the Smokies

In early October of 2012, Chris Gallaway spent two weeks hiking a circuitous route through Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Part of his motivation for this hike was to test his backpacking and camera setup - in preparation for the Appalachian Trail thru hike he's planning for next spring. Here are some of the sights, sounds and people he encountered during his fall hike in the Smokies:

Walkabout in the Smokies (filmed with the Nikon d800) from Horizonline Pictures on Vimeo.

Hiking in the Smokies


Christine said...

Thanks for sharing this awesome video! I plan to follow along on his website in 2013.

The Camping Trail said...

Loved the video. I can't wait to do something like that. Good luck on your thru hike of the AT