The 127 Defining Moments

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Next weekend is the opening of 127 Hours, the new film about Aron Ralston, the adventurer who sawed his arm off after it became pinned under a boulder in an isolated slot canyon in Utah

To celebrate the release of the film, Outside Magazine is launching the 127 Defining Moments Contest, which seeks to inspire people to share their own life-changing or death-defying experiences in the great outdoors.

Outside will select 126 of those entrants to go along with Aron's to create the 127 Defining Moments. The 126 winners will receive some great outdoor gear from Eddie Bauer, Sierra Designs, Larabar and CamelBak, including Ten Grand Prize gear packages.

The contest ends November 12. For more information and to enter, please click here. To read some of the current submissions, please click here.

You can check out the trailer for the film by clicking here.


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Brandon said...

What you linked before was the teaser, the real (much better) trailer is here: