The first Great Smoky Mountains park brochure

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thanks to the Friends of the Smokies for providing a link to the very first park brochure published in 1933.

The brochure includes photographs by George Masa and Jim Thompson, as well as information regarding the Qualla (Cherokee) Indian Reservation, fishing, hiking, wild animals, etc. You gotta love some of these quotes:

“The Indians still play the Cherokee game of ball — a sport far too strenuous for members of the Caucasian race.”

“As the United States is prohibited by law from undertaking any development of the park until the minimum of 427,000 acres has been turned over to it for that purpose, visitors will not find the conveniences and interesting activities they are used to in the other national parks of the system.”

“Deer are practically exterminated.”

Please click here to see the entire brochure.


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